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Mountain Mama Clothing

Online Clothing Boutique



  • Site reconfiguration for ecommerce exploration
  • Integration of Square platform (mobile payments and ecommerce)
  • Responsive design, multi-device viewing
Mountain Mama project banner


  • Use core of a site previously built by one&eight for a brick-and-mortar store; redesign the site to integrate an ecommerce platform
  • Make desktop site responsive for multi-device viewing
  • Update and edit content created for brick-and-mortar store to reflect new primary online presence


  • Used Square for product gallery and shopping cart. This allowed for a quick, inexpensive way for the client to transition to ecommerce without investing a large amount of time and budget in development
  • Implemented media queries to make the site easily viewed on different devices
  • Visiting the product gallery became the main call to action with a large branded button on the homepage; email list sign-ups and Facebook interaction became the focus on the Contact page